This is the Cheerleading Zone for both of our brand new and exciting Cheer Squads so Congratulations to everyone for making it into one of our many squads. We are very excited about comencing our 2nd season and can't wait to get started!

We will be holding Cheer Tryouts annually should new athletes wish to join our squads and the next one is set to be July 2018. It will consist of a dedicated routine for the athletes to learn prior to the event along with 4 stations including Tumbling, Dance, Jumps & Stunts. We are always on the lookout for new athletes so please contact us if you can't wait until July and would like to join before that as we may be able to start a new squad in the meantime.

All athletes are to attend squad training sessions during any illness unless they are contagious. Injuires that have occurred outside of training sessions do not mean that the athletes can't come in to watch their fellow athletes as watching and listening is better than not attending at all.

Team Divisions are as follows:

Junior Level 1

This team is for ages 8-14yrs and is suitable for beginners and experienced cheerleaders.
*Minimum skill requirement: cartwheel (front and back walkovers strongly recommended)

Senior Level 1

This team is for ages 10yrs+ team and though suitable for beginners, is highly competitive therefore places on the team are harder to obtain.

Senior Level 2

This team is for ages 10yrs+ and is suitable for experienced cheerleaders or those with a gymnastics background. *Minimum skill requirement: standing/running back handspring strongly recommended wih standing back handspring series, round off tuck / round off back handspring tuck


All the information you need for the upcoming season can be found in our Welcome Pack - Please contact us if you would like one :)


Our mission is to provide cheer squads that satisfy and exceed all of the needs of its members. We strongly encourage participants to form and maintain good relationships with other participants, with the community, and with other All-Star squads. We would like our athletes to challenge themselves to reach new abilities, aided by our coaches. Our main objective is to allow the members to experience the feeling of being a part of a team and to ensure that they enjoy themselves and the sport of cheerleading. We hope that all athletes gain lasting memories and a new knowledge, whether related to cheerleading or life in general.