This is the Freestyle Competition Zone for all of our dance competitors.

We will be hopefully be attending 1 competition per month and dates for 2016 are as follows:

7th February

20th March

15th May

5th June

3rd July

25th September

23rd October

20th November

Age Groups for Freestyle Solo's, Pairs & Trios are as follows:

Under 6ís (3, 4 & 5 years of age)

Under 8ís (6 & 7 years of age)

Under 10ís (8 & 9 years of age)

Under 12ís (10 & 11 years of age)

Under 14ís (12 &13 years of age)

Under 16ís (14 & 15 years of age)

Under 18ís (16 & 17 years of age)

Solo Spots are only required if dancers are Championship or Premier Championship status and should be 12 bars.

Competition Grades are: Solo - Beginner, Starter, Intermediate, Championship & Premier Championship

Pairs & Trios - Beginner, Intermediate, Championship

Teams - Beginner, Intermediate, Championship with Beginners dress code only applying to all teams. Minimum 6 and maximum 16 people and are to be entered by age of oldest dancers. All dancers are allowed to compete in 1 team only. Routines to be no longer than 1mins 30secs for Beginners, no longer than 2 mins for Intermediate and no longer than 3 mins for Championship.

Slow Dance - Novice, Intermediate, Championship. Solo spot to be 40 secs maximum.

Rock n Roll - age groups same as above. Routines to be on spot and not travelling. Solo spots to be 15 bars.

Dress codes are as follows:

Beginners may only wear items of a plain colour, close fitting, basic design “Dance Wear” either one or two piece. Each item must be one single colour without added decoration of any type (i.e. no cut outs, latticework, belts, anklets, slits/slashes or leg warmers) Commercial sports wear is not allowed. Matching hair ties/scrunchies that meet the criteria are allowed.

Starters outfits may be of any fabric including foiled fabrics but not sequinned fabrics. They may be of any design but may not have any added beads/sequins/stones or any other form of added glitter to the manufactured material.

Slow Dance - any appropriate costume permitted.

Make-up is as follows:

No make up or fake tan of any description on Under 6s, Under 8s and Under 10s.

Under 12 dancers are not allowed to wear false eyelashes, stones or false nails.

No oil based or non drying tan is allowed to be worn at any event.

No tan to be applied at a competition venue.

Rules: In Freestyle competitions NO acrobatics or gymnastics, (i.e. cartwheels, handstands, walkovers) etc are permitted in any round. These restrictions do not apply to solo spots. CHEST ROLLS AND CHEST BALANCES ARE COMPLETELY BANNED.

Free Handed (i.e. with no hands) rotating gymnastic movements are not allowed at any time.

Lifts. In freestyle competitions no lifts are permitted in any round.